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But for a moment… Nigerian Youth and Politics. 

Since the events of the Arab Spring and its subsequent outcomes, there have been intense conversations around the participation of young people in politics. This is not the typical “register to vote” advocacy, it is the more deliberate and active engagement of youths in the process of seeking political power. Nigeria has also had its fair share of activation leading up to some major movements that have remained a thorn in the flesh of political power holders.


If one looks closely, you will agree that young people were the more potent variable in the formula that led to a shift in Nigeria’s political order. Truth be told, this shift was already silently frothing from the season surrounding the demise of President Umar Musa Yar’Adua. What happened in 2015 cannot be clearly understood unless you look through the goggles of youth activation. Many will erroneously attribute that shift to the political wizardry of certain strongholds, the convenient alliances, or simply the response of a fed up public. Those in themselves are potent factors, but clearly not the major determinant of this shift.


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Obama and family










“History has been made as America witnesses its first black president…” This was a statement made by a CNN reporter and it dawned on me that it was real. That statement are the kinds of words you hear spoken in a movie that tries to capture a political scenery, but this time it’s no movie. This is not just a freak in history, but a calculated attempt by an unseen hand to effect his agenda in the lives of men. As I sit here brooding over the last one year and my conversations and my disbelief, I stand to say I was wrong throughout the time and I am not ashamed to admit it that I was. I now believe more strongly that absolutely nothing is impossible under the sun.

My entry into the floodwaters of American politics started sometime in 2006, when myself and my friend Bayo Akomolafe were reading the news in the university library. He showed me a Time magazine story on Obama and he said to me “Reginald, do you know that he may become the next president of America?” My reply of course was that which every other person even Obama’s wife could have given. “Bayo, America ain’t ready for that yet!” I had to wake Bayo from his sleep in Nigeria and swallow my words to his delight. He was a silent prophet then with a lone voice in the wilderness who was even despised by his closest friend. Oh foolish me!! I forgot that ‘impossible’ was a word invented by men and will be redefined by the same men. Today I look back to that day and see the events that time has spurned and I wonder if there was not a pre-design already in place before all the hullabaloo. Well… that may be the case, but I today I have learnt that small is powerful, and weak is wonderful. The smaller you are, the greater your inner power and this is what Obama utilized. Let me show you a few things I have learnt from this wonder-filled process.

First, God does not make great things from big things. He creates big things from small things. This is why I despised Bayo’s convictions that day because it was small in my eyes. I wanted a major event or a break in the sky for an announcement that the American status-quo had changed before I would consider the possibility of Obama becoming the president. But forgot that nothing that is solid in history ever starts big. In his words yesterday, he said he was the most unlikely person to succeed, and started his campaign not in the corridors of power, but in the parlor of a ordinary person. As young man, having nothing but a a dream and a few people whole believed in him, he rose to build the most phenomenal campaign in history.

Second, don’t go to the mighty when you are starting out, go to the humble. The mighty can only see from the perspective of their greatness, but the humble can see the ground and no where the hurdles are to cross. Obama came to the lowly in society and made his case. They took him in and worked their heart out for him. For those who are not in the US, I can emphatically tell you that I have never seen that kind of political passion before. You could see that these people had nothing but their strength to dissipate, and they did it joyfully, causing an infectious hope across whole populations. Can you imagine that on the eve of the elections, Obama grassroots mobilizers knocked on 1 million doors encouraging people to vote. That is amazing and points to the fact that the humble are powerful and will do what they promised they will do. You remember David in the scriptures? The men that came to him in the desert after he ran away from the persecution of Saul, were outcasts of the society, broken men without hope. But later, it was on record that they became the ‘Mighty Men of David’. So make the humble your friends in the journey of life.

Third, refuse to give up your message. You are what you believe, and your message is what reveals to others what you believe. Obama stuck to his message of hope and refused to give it up even in the face of Smearing attacks of a Rovian order. Even when your character is called into question, keep the focus, for it could be very easy to un-sheath your sword and go after the throat of your enemies. Even David when given the neck of Saul refused to revenge. I have learnt that when you refuse to move your position and reduce yourself to the class of politically disheveled men, you retain your class and gain a premium in the hearts of those who hear you. Obama made it clear that this is a lesson for history.

Fourth, disconnect yourself from success. the danger of success is that it can create failure. Paradox aye? Success places you on a pedestal that slams you with so much self satisfaction that it may blunt your sensitivity and blur your sight. Therefore, remove from you the hold and elements of success and go down the hill and see what can not be seen from the elevations of success. Obama struck that note when he stated in his victory speech (paraphrased) “This election victory is not the change we need, but a chance to get the change we need…” This can only come out of a man who inner confidence comes not from outer positives, but from deep seated convictions. I pick this wisdom and hold it close to my heart.

There are four things I have stated above, but far much more I have learnt not just from the candidate, but also from his opponent. In the making of history, you don’t just learn from good stuff, but also from bad stuff. Because these two coalesce to form a celebrated outcome. McCain has shown me what not to do. Palin has taught me the issues women have to overcome in our world as they play the role the world awaits them to. McCain’s campaign also taught me that there is nothing like a single eyed purpose not compressed by the tyranny of the urgent. David Plouffe, the Obama campaign manager has shown me that you don’t have to appear on TV to be seen as hard working. Hillary Clinton advise me never to walk the paths of desperation, for you will see yourself become warped by the devils of desire.

Friends, when history is made, you can either be a victim of the present or you become an advocate for the implications for the future. I hold this history close to my heart, for I have a chance to use its wisdom and the dimensions of its accompanying mystery to remake history in my own little corner of the world. What more is there to see but to warn all of us that there is a lone voice still calling right now in the wilderness, pointing to a little things or persons that will still remake history. When history is made, it makes us realize that history will always be made.




I have just watched the Tennessee with fellow students and my professors and boy!! what an exciting time it was. We spent time quietly analyzing the issues as both candidates threw down their points and ascertaining whether there was something new about what they were proposing to do. At the end we sieved through all the rhetoric to find something voters can chew and digest in finding energy to rise and cast their votes for a candidate. Frankly, I admire the intelligence of both men in how they lay out their points. It takes an awful lot of reading to keep abreast with issues and also an extensive mental capacity to align ones thoughts with a multiplicity of intentions, considering the complexity involved in the American system. 

I had to imagine myself there and admitted humbly… “this thing no be joke ohhh!!” In alluding to the fact that both men have done a lot of preparation in getting to this stage, I also will say that the preparation has led to a manifestation (hmm…rhymes…in my mind ohh) that effectively situates both candidates in two seprate pedestal. Ones preparation has placed him with the Ordinary League of Boys while the other’s preparation has put him in the Extraordinary League of Gentlemen. 

Without doubt or begging the question everyone seems to see clearly that John McCain has consistently shown that his groundwork of his campaign is fundamentally faulty and the foundations which he has built for himself seems to be seriously obsolete considering the nature of 21st century challenges which leadership has to deal with. Barack Obama on the other hand, while not the finished product of natures perfection has inspired many with common sense and a modern reality which seems to deconstruct existing mindsets and offer simpler and plain strategies in clearing the mysteries surrounding America’s politics. 

For instance McCain is still espousing a totally free market approach to the economics of the country yet still pandering to the voters with a populist policy which mistakenly dropped out his mouth during the debate when he said he would ensure that government buys back all the bad mortgages. And this is the same man saying the government should get out of the way of Americans. Obama while stating that free market has its merits, but advances that it doesn’t work all the time and for that reason, government should play a role in ensuring that this free market plays by the rules to protect people from the adversities of capitalism. The old fable that allow the market to determine and create wealth then it will trickle down to the bottom of the system has been refuted time again. Thus Obama shows that he is identifying with the plight of the base in society, while McCain thinks that the ‘Invisible Hand’ will regulate things. You mean people are still thinking like that in this century? And come to ponder, has the market really determined wealth for a larger percentage of a country’s population? NO!!!

You know boys somehow believe that things will be alright without wanting to accept the responsibilities of making sure it really gets alright. Men will face the issues and say where the problem is and be willing to creatively proffer solutions to logjam situations. This is one way men have been separated from boys from this debating season. McCain has yet to be direct on what exactly his economic policy is other than freeing the economic turkeys to soar to heights unknown and when thanksgiving comes, no birds on the table. It is pretty encouraging to go into and see a clearly articulated plan on every facet a government is involved with. 

Perhaps it’s a good time to bring this up. John McCain should stop imagining that America can go anywhere and do anything it wants anyhowly (permit that please). The reality of the way the world is now is that no single nation is absolute in its capacity to influence events on the globe. Therefore nations need other countries to carry out an effective foreign policy in international politics. America cannot unilaterally fight terrorism in the world and it will be foolhardy to think this is possible. But Mr. McCain has unwisely refused to show the place of diplomacy in getting things done. Obama has consistently said that we cannot cut off other countries, we have to engage in tough diplomacy even if the country’s name is Iran. This is what the world needs today, not the ancient practice of international thuggery, which was characteristic of empires and monarchies. I was at the UN when the Iranian Ahmadinejad address the Plenary session and guess what? Bush stood up and walked out of the meeting. What kind of boyishness is that? And this is what McCain is patterning his foreign policy on. If it hasn’t worked for all these years, what will make it work into tomorrow? Again we see how and man is distinguished from a boy.

I have so much to say but let me wrap this up and leave the rest for my readers to determine and I will respond appropriately with other issues I have to table. I will finally point to what happened in this latest debate in establishing the Boy-dom of Mr. McCain. This man has an unacceptable way of talking down on people. By referring to Obama as “That one”, he registered his membership in the class of uncultured persons and at best he should be declassified from the honour of statesmen. Also suggesting that what he doesn’t know is what Americans do not know is a serious blasphemy against the country. All these are mounting references to who is really prepared and who is not. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I am in no way saying that Barack Obama has satisfied every necessary condition for assuming the role of one of the most powerful men on the planet. However, for what is on the play ground, one has elevated his profile by leaving the things that belong to boys and taken up the main challenges and appurtenances of manhood, while the other has swindled himself unknowingly into a game of losers. If as it is, Barack Obama doesn’t win this election, it wouldn’t be on the fact that he wasn’t qualified on the issues, but it will be because of some other extraneous variable which we all know of… you judge for Yourself my friend.