The Father dropped something in my heart this morning and I want to briefly share some parts that may apply to you. I’ll share it in five paragraphs. 

I have found that knowledge has greatly increased with the proliferation of information and the tools to access this. For this reason people in this generation know a lot more at their age compared to people in previous generations. Our kids today are already interacting and functioning in a context of information overload, as I even heard my 3 year old niece once reacted to her dad’s intense play by saying: “daddy stop terrorising me”. Knowledge and concepts, peddled by written or spoken words are daily communicated over portable mobile media, which perform multiple functions, and our generation is already saturated. 

Here is the problem. The Bible records in 1 Cor. 8:1 that “knowledge puffs up”. A very close observation will reveal the link between the rise in knowledge and rebellion in the heart of men. Rebellion has taken hold of many because they are bloated with “knowledge”. They think they know much now and can question everything. While the ability to question is a positive quality that can bring progress, however without understanding, it leads to rebellion. This is where many today have pitched their tents – a rebellious heart is present with them.

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BitternessI feel strongly led to share this. Some of us are bitter against God and we do not know it. I want you to read this and subject your deep thoughts to God so He can expose those hidden pockets of darkness that can mess you up big time.

We all understand what bitterness is, and of course not the bitterness arising from the taste buds, but that of the heart – that destructive human emotion that can corrupt your spirit the way pride can. Let me quickly explain so I don’t assume everyone knows what it is.

Bitterness is the ‘deep seated’ feeling of hurt, hate, anger, or resentment that resides in the heart of a person towards another due to actions or inactions by that other person or group of persons. It is deeply seating within the reins of the human soul, and that’s why you can get yourself to believe it isn’t there. The problem with bitterness is that it is a destination you arrive at and cannot honestly tell how you got there, except you are careful to sit and review the journey from its start.

Hebrews 12:15 states that “Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.” The Bible refers to bitterness as a type of root.
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The Short Nosed Fruit Bat

The Short Nosed Fruit Bat

Sometimes, when an outbreak of this kind happens we tend to stand off and wonder how the crazies bridged this zoonosis. We never imagine that its origin might be as close home as the Liberian scenes seen through our TVs. However, given that the available best evidence is that Ebola is a “naturally occuring” (endemic) illness among tropical fruit-eating Bats, we might want to be more worried and become even more proactive in dealing with the probability of a standalone outbreak in Nigeria…Yes! Even from Lagos.

For those who have lived in or frequented Lagos Island, particularly the circumference covering Obalende, Race Course, Marina, and Tinubu Square, you should have noted the huge population of the Lagos Fruit Bats. They droop off the high metal railings at Race Course, as well as the huge Almond trees at CMS besides the Lagos State Library building. As a teenager living on the Island, it was usual practice for me to observe the dusk flight of these Bats. At about 5pm everyday, the lower skies of the area is blanketed by thousands of flying animals, echolocating food aggregates.

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