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My name is Reginald Efiom Bassey. I am from the South Eastern part of Nigeria, from a place called Cross River State, where God lives…ha ha ha! (ok…just a joke, but true anyways…lol). I am Efik by ethnic identity and speak the Efik language (google it and stop wondering!). Back home in Calabar, I am called Etete, which means ‘Grand Father’ (literally – Fathers’ Father). However my uncle warned me to stop answering to that name before the negative spiritual forces of  Calabar attach themselves to me…lol. But up in Lagos, some of my friends call me ‘Papa Reg’; wherever they got that from – maybe because I have little rotund mid-section caused by always sleeping after a hot bowl of noodles and not youthful indulgence as some claim. However, I am usually called Reggie.

I live in New Jersey with my Angel (without wings…lol). I agreed to follow her there so that she will agree to follow me wherever later. Don’t tell her I said that please!… Else it may sound like blackmail. But she’s the better side of me and yes I have someone to brag about 😉

I have a background in International Relations, and a Masters in Public Affairs, Policy Analysis, and Administration. I still have a PhD to contend with, at least for prestige sake. It’s nice to be called a Doctor you know. I am already tired of school and all the deadlines you always have to meet, and I really do think school sucks; or maybe just the way it is carried out. I also think that I have been more educated out of school than in school. In all, getting the required mental tools to equip me for my journey ahead is paramount.

I am a product of two great towns in Nigeria: Calabar and Lagos. So, one encounter with me will give you two extreme characterizations of the Nigerian life. On one extreme, I am calm and assertive and like good things, while enjoying every bit of the opportunities life presents me. On the other end, I am a hustler and can be annoyingly over-confident. I can thrive in chaos and function creatively under the most adverse circumstances. Have your take on which each city represents.

Something wakes me up every morning and gives me a reason for continuous living not existing. I have an undying passion to add value to people where ever I meet them. I am totally awed at the variety in human existence and love to explore new identities and lines of thought. Passing on the virus of my passion to help people is what I live for everyday. In this light, I am on a mission to contribute one building block to remodel my country, continent, and the world. Perhaps, if I am faithful to this one thing, I may then give several blocks.

Finally, I am a seriously excited person. The reason is I am in live contact with my maker and I’m very crazy about that. For this also I am too sure of where I am heading because I hear Him and He instructs me. He corrects, chastises, and encourages me all the way. I really wonder why people claim He doesn’t exist when all they need is an experience with Him. So He defines my life and gives meaning to my journey on the earth.

So I invite you to come into my little domain and read some of the stuff I write about. If you like what you read, leave a comment to expand the discourse. If you don’t display your displeasure as well, or best, slap me when next you see me. In all, work with me and let’s make this world a better place.

Cheers All!

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67 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Edmund N. says:

    I love this mentor, its highly creative. Keep the fire burning, while we learn from you.

    Meet u soonest along the corridors of power and the seat of influence.

  2. Obong owo, ata Abasi emi odiong fi ye eti nfre ete!!! Ku yak owo ndomo tiet eting mkpo efen ono fi, I am always encouraged when I speak with you because for a fella of a young age, you speak so eloquently and with wisdom that comes from God almighty. You had better keep on truckin’ or answer to me but worse yet, answer to God because He has purposed your life for so much, He had provided the tools and thank Him that you know that already and are well on your way. Abasi oyo diong fi ye ekung ubok fo ke nsisi ye ke nsisi! I am loving the discussions, I MUST take the time to read your article on men and sex, relationships etc. You have the makings of a great book there, my brother and friend…I can’t wait to show up at the signing! LOL

  3. Mouchica says:

    I enjoyed reading your introduction. I do not think that you are over confident, you are just confident and we need people like that. Always enjoy having some advice from you!!

  4. Ogah Stephen says:


    I am motivated every time i have access to your intellectual resource. I have always admired your personality and am greatly excited to know that you are soaring in the direction of God’s call upon your life.
    Kudos my brother and people like you give me further hope that change must come to Africa. Together with others of like purpose, we will influence our world and bring about the desired change.


  5. Calabar Boy for real…. I had always expected it would come to this; moving from a secondary domain (holyreg.wordpress.com) to your personal domain, this is a great move – Congrats. As a blogger I’m yet to recover from the excitement too, Enjoy writing as you inspire the world.

  6. Marjorie Bassey says:

    Pride!Pride!! Pride!!! I’m swelling up with pride. I am a lover of words, so you can imagine how I feel whenever I read a piece artfully crafted together. Like I will always quote: the pen is mightier than the sword. Reginald, you have a weapon in your hands, the choice of usage is up to you, but I trust you’d use it wisely.
    Long live the Calabarboy!

  7. Afor says:

    Hi reggie, i love these write ups, they are very helpful. it gives me hope that there’s someone i can confide in. is there a way i can ask for ur opinion on something personal without it being published? maybe ur e-mail address?would be glad if you can be of help. awaiting ur reply, thanks

  8. Joyce says:

    i didnt know what to expect until i started reading… i am so proud of all your good works. after you mentioned the source of your strength, i couldnt help but admit that perfection truely comes from Him alone.

    i must confess that every line was worth it!!

  9. Udoh Mary says:

    Hi reggie,ama nam eti eti.Ke nam oh!Yak ubong abasi atim fie anim ke eyin obong nsisi.Yak edidiong abasi atim fie akama,let d good work dt he has started with u touch d lives of many dt will get 2 read ur motivational write ups and more grease 2 ur elbow.I remember those days in Anka,infact as our lodge leader u impacted so much in us.U re highly blessed.

  10. Emmanuel Era says:

    I like what you are doing, mr Regie. It is good to know that some people take it upon themselves to provide a platform for people to share ideas and for intelligibly thirsty people to drink from. Keep up the good work, but i must add that the challenges you face are enormous as the level of ignorance and despair in our society is disturbing. I’ll like to join your platform.

  11. Ife Oyeneye says:

    Wow! I’m not surprised, I would have been surprised with something short of this.
    You are always an inspiration. Shine on.

  12. ayo says:

    wow reg this write ups are great, any way am not supprised u’ve all ways had it in you. if u didnt start writing soon ur head would probably explode with the great inspirations constantly deposited in them by God. so keep it up its very helpful

  13. Molagun tobi says:

    Papy Reggie you 2 much,Comin across sumone like you have brought about some GOOD changes in me thank God for that am always using you as a reference till tomorrow.Your site is good i pray we all tap into the drive for a better change in ourselves,enviroment,Africa and the world at large.Bless u bro

  14. Onome Uphophomon says:

    Papa Reggie! your write ups always inspire me and they most times hit hard at what am passing through per time. I look forward to being the best I can be and your write ups is a building block to that. Keep the fire burning. May God continue to strengthen you.

  15. Nana Lloyd says:

    Hi Brother,
    you blogs are very interesting and inspiring. Keep the good work going. I am gald i visited and will be frequenting the site.
    See you soon.

  16. Jenny says:

    Just stumbled across u on facebook and thankfully u added me as your friend.I had always noticed and replied to your comments on cath’s page but don’t know how i found myself here but i’m elated to say the least.Ive not read anything save the introduction and i just cant wait to.I love your use of words and i admire your acknowledgment of your walk with God.
    More grease to your elbow calabarboy!
    Cant wait to delve into the main dish!

  17. Sofunke Yemi says:

    Reggie, I thought the consumption of noodles reduced when we stepped out of Hebron. Here for the first time and I’m loving it already. Keep up the good work and the Lord will continue to strengthen you.

  18. yemi adejumo says:

    really i am not surprised with this beautiful piece having worked with reginald in p-1m. this is just a tip of the ice berg.kudos

  19. karla says:

    I love ur blog!! everything: the contents, the desing… the gadgets.. everything!! u r really something!!! Blessings!! And c u around!

  20. UTOMI IBHADE says:

    Mr reggie,
    nice write up…would really love a deep excursion to your mind..just to see how things work in there…just so you know..you constantly serve as my reality check whenever am becoming lackadaisical.
    we tend to have similar interest on a lot of issues..just that your means of expression could be ferocious,,lol…thumps up reggie.

  21. MAY INYANG says:

    Beautiful piece Etete,(lol). Am proud to know this is an Efik man’s work. See that is why i scream everyday to whoever cares to listen that, the EFIKS are the original MBAKARAs. Proud to be Efik.

  22. Olufunmi says:


    You are seriously doing a great job. This will be my second time of visiting this site but my first time of reading about you (it’s a lovely piece). Keep the good work up and may God continue to strenghten you, tell ur Angel (without wings) she’s so lucky to have you.

    Nice day ahead.

  23. cece (sunkanmi) says:

    u would still b papa reg to me. God has used u for me to be what He wants me to be. from a shy singer to an eloquent speaker and motivator…..my album would b out soonest (shhhh!!! dont tell any1, but u get a free cd). m always inspired wen i come incontact wit u. dose cu days were funnnnnnnn nd i still carry dat attitude whereva i go. my passion for africa is to see d illumination of God shine thru d hearts of men……trust me our testimonies are sure by the blood of the lamb….stay blessed nd my regards to ur wife ( abeg na twins i want ooooo, so please could u hurry up, so we can see anoda lil papa reg….lol!!!!

    • Sunkanmi…you remembered me today….lol
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are doing great out there and the cold is not too much for what you are used to. Don’t worry, when the twins come, you will be officially invited to babysit for a year – without pay…lol
      God bless and keep in touch.

  24. I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

  25. Jaysbaby says:

    Really nice blog:)
    I loved this “live in New Jersey with my Angel (without wings…lol). I agreed to follow her there so that she will agree to follow me wherever later. Don’t tell her I said that please!… Else it may sound like blackmail. But she’s the better side of me and yes I have someone to brag about ;)”

    You both are blessed to have each other

  26. Dear Brother,

    It was nice to read your blog.. especially the part about being constantly in touch with the Lord. It is not often one meets people who want to be led by the Lord always.

    You might want to check out the following .. which might help you to walk closer and deeper in fellowship with God

    Four Steps in fellowshipping with God

    The Glory of a True Servant of God

    May God bless you and keep you..


  27. Inga says:

    Your Blog is Real Efek-tual! Thanks for it. I am eager to start a Blog too….hope to stay in touch for a fellow human being who seeks to make the lives of other human beings better for their having been around – and around them! Let’s all work together to make Africa a global phenomenon. Your map is inspire-sens-ational! Greetings from Africa south – soon to be Africa west, in community based initiatives!

  28. Archibong Eso says:

    Ette Reginald, Yak itong uwem osong fi ama si mi. Nicely crafted, Intelligently written and above all Awe-inspiring.
    Just stumbled upon this and I sure love the fall.

  29. David Akpan, aka Mukana, HWTI says:

    Reginald, I stumbled on to your site and I have nothing but praise and admiration for your great style of writing. It’s delicious, refreshing and enriching.

    I say that a great literary mind is like a stream that flows peacefully in harmony with all things in it’s path, touching, caressing and soothing all lives as it journeys to fulfil its mission. When a stranger comes upon the stream, the soothing percolating sound of the water extends an invitation for a dip and a sip to which the stranger offers no resistance. The feeling of satisfaction of sharing the tranquil beauty of such a chance encounter is what makes life so wonderful.

    That is my tribute to you my friend.

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