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#HalleluyahChallenge #Olowogbogboro: What really happened?

A major mistake we might make is to assume that the many miracles and salvations witnessed with the #HalleluyahChallenge are the purpose and end-all to this spiritual movement. It’s almost like assuming that entering Canaan was the ultimate purpose of God for delivering His people from Egypt. This will be a severe limitation of the… Continue reading #HalleluyahChallenge #Olowogbogboro: What really happened?

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The Father has no qualms giving you things, but He wants your attention first. An accurate revelation of Father is the most important achievement of any human, and the highest and most fulfilling need of men.

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Our Heavenly Father is not just about meeting our needs. He wants us to become just like Him. This only happens when we spend quality and sustained time with Him, outside of our earthly desires, to listen to Him, and be inspired by His thoughts about our lives, our families, our work, and the world.