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Stop Sinning Shows Warning Sign And Control

STOP SINNING!!!! yeah right!
I am sure someone has yelled that at you from some pulpit or platform before, or you have channeled the same to others in trying to be the proxy for righteousness. How well has that worked? Well… I just thought to share a little thought from my personal experience about overcoming sin and living a victorious life in the Lord.

A lot of struggle in one area or another, or multiple areas depending on the former life you had been subjected to. Some wonder if it is really possible to overcome these personal weaknesses and live a life free from the constant struggle to avoid sin. Some have even resigned their ‘fate’ and agreed to the lie of the devil that it is a part of human nature and the burden will always remain with us.

Well, the secret to dealing with this aspect of your life is very simple. It is not far from the secular knowledge of “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” You would agree with me that most of us have conformed our behavior, or even changed our lives all because of certain friendships we have cultivated. True! When love and respect infuses a relationship, change occurs, knowingly or unknowingly.

In spiritual matters, It is who you know that really determines what you become. A major challenge with some of us today is that we really do not have a functional relationship with the Heavenly Father. We have a relationship with the church and its practices and liturgy, but not with The Father. I am not referring to a relationship for the purpose of sustaining your Christianity to avoid going to hellfire. I am referring to the relationship that comes out of falling in love with a person (your Father in Heaven) and nurturing that by walking with Him each day. It is in this kind of relationship that John 1:12 makes sense, “As many as *RECEIVED* Him, He gave *POWER* to become the Sons of God. Receiving Him is what brings Power or Authority to function like Him.

Only Sons carry the DNA or traits of their Father. Servants, stewards, contractors, hirelings, proxies or stepchildren do not. What is in the Father, is in the Son. If you cultivate that kind of relationship as a Son, you will soon realize that as you grow, you are starting to look like your Father. So that growth process in a deep relationship is what builds your faith, and that faith is what overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). Any other process of trying to overcoming sin is a waste of time. It cannot be taught, prayed against, prophesied at, or cast out of your head. It comes from a love relationship with the Father. Read 1 John 2:14-15 and you will see that how the knowledge of the Heavenly Father relates to overcoming sin.

This is the simple secret. Stop draining your spiritual batteries trying to will sin out of your life. Turn your attention to nurturing your love relationship with your Heavenly Father. Speak to Him every day, talk to Him about everything including the cockroaches disturbing you or tiniest of decisions you have to make. When you cultivate this, you will discover that His Presence within you will grow and distract you from the temptations all around. At some point, you will realize you have totally lost the taste and desire for sin. There are more scriptures and thoughts to share regarding this but just wanted to simplify the message so we understand it in an easy read. You can discuss this further with other believers so more light comes to you.


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