Here are three major fears you will have to overcome if you want to attempt at executing your mission on earth. They come in varying degrees and appear at different seasons of your life. Be conscious of them and how they subtly motivate your actions or inactions.

1. The fear of inadequacy. This is an internal condition that leaves you conceited about your true worth. It prevents you from even trying to conceive an idea or own an inspiration because you feel incompetent or unqualified.

2. The fear of failure. This is when your self-inflicted inadequacy meets an assumed unfavourable external condition. This fear makes you constantly look to the impossibility of things, thereby hindering your ability to even begin.

3. The fear of man. This is perhaps the one trap many fall into. Inability to make decisions because of the fear of another person. Sometimes it guises itself as respect and honour, but it is simply an unhealthy loyalty and connection you must defy.

Any fear you are experiencing is not of God, but of your own doing or introduced, with your kind permission, by the enemy. If you understand your origin in the divine nature, you will fear absolutely nothing!


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