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I have seen a few online petitions going around lately and one has caught my attention. The petition requesting the National Assembly (NASS) to open its book regarding the perennial N150 Billion (Approx. $600 Million) budget is a feel good one, but really doesn’t open up the matter. It’s okay to sign the petition, but more informative to understand the issues.

Let’s remember that the cold war between the Presidency and the NASS started in 2011, when President Jonathan refused to approve the NASS budget that was increased from N112.24 billion to N232.74 Billion (over 100% increase). The President had proposed N120 Billion, but eventually both parties agreed to settled for N150 Billion, which has remained the yearly budget till 2014 (Their budget was slashed in 2015 to N115 Billion). From that point on, the NASS practically stood in the way of the Executive over several issues, for which Nigerians paid the ultimate price. Can you imagine that if left unchecked, the NASS would have been blowing over N200 Billion on themselves????

Prior to 2011, there was some level of budget breakdown for the monies allocated to the NASS. We could tell what went to the Senate, House of Representatives, NASS Service Commission, etc. For the past 4 years however, no one has been able to breakdown this budget of N150 Billion despite the various demands by pressmen relying on the Freedom of Information Act.
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So what I have done here is to copy and paste and yes I know it is not arranged (No time to arrange it)…lol (From

However, I wanted to put it all in one place for easy reading. This is the list of all the proposed amendments that have been submitted by members of the public as well as organized interests. You can read and share.

1. Request for the creation of Toru-Ebe State out of the present Delta, Edo and Ondo States, from Toru-Ebe State Creation Movement.

2. Request for the creation of Adada State out of the present Enugu State, from Adada State Creation Movement.

3.Memorandum from¬†Ijaw National Council to replace ‚ÄúRegions‚Ä̬† with ‚ÄúStates‚ÄĚ as federating units in Nigeria and devolve more powers to the regions.

4.   Jasawa Community Development Association on the aspects of the constitution relating to indigeneship, fundamental human rights, justiciability of Chapter 2 of the Constitution on Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy and state Independent Electoral Commissions;

5.   Mr. Anthony Okoligwe on the restructuring and re-organization of the Local Government System in Nigeria.

6.    Request for the creation of Lagoon State out of the present Lagos State by the Lagoon State Movement.

7.    Notice of Opposition by Itsekiri People to the inclusion of their land in the proposed Toru-Ebe State.

8.    Objection to the inclusion of the Territory and People of Benin in the proposed Toru-Ebe State.

9.    Request by His Royal Majesty, Oba Abdul Yekini Ayinla Ladipo IV, The Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile for the creation of a new State out of the present Oyo State with Ikoyi-Ije as its capital.

10.    Memoranda by Mrs. Saraya Agidi, State President, National Council of Women’s Society (NCWS), Nasarawa State Branch for inclusion of a provision in the Constitution to enable eradication of corruption in the polity and thus, promote good governance in Nigeria.
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