Recently, someone sent into my mail box a funny email listing the outrageous names of some churches in Nigeria. Although I do not believe that some of the names listed are real churches, I am also not without proof of they some do exist. There are a few from the list which I believe may exist, names such as:

–          Strong Hand of God ministry

–          Accredited Church of God

–          Holyfire Overflow Ministries

–          Angels on Fire Chapel of Peace

–          Strong Hand of God ministry

The names that are far too ludicrous for anyone to believe include names like:

–          Guided Missiles Church

–          Jehovah Sharp Sharp Ministry

–          Liquid Fire Ministry

–          Ministry of the Naked Wire

–          Trigger Happy Ministry

–          Seven Thunders of Jesus

However comical and factual in existence some of these names are, it speaks to a larger concern in the religious climate in Nigeria today. I am not exactly qualified to comment on these phenomena, but I must say that the trend has become very laughable and is becoming more of a mockery to those who are walking and living in truth. I am actually more interested in another trend more worrisome to me, and that is the style of church expansion in the country and indeed around the world; it is not peculiar to Nigeria.
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