tired manI am tired but I don’t know why

Even when I try to figure out why

I find myself getting tired of the try

I just sit and watch hoping time will fly

And that this generation will just pass by

I am daily fed with what does not satisfy

The music, the movies, and the celebrity style

The news, the novels, and all the preaching seem awry

Yes, I feel all these and the deceptions therein should all die

Perchance, I might find a tabula rasa to write again. Sigh!

I certainly feel I want to cry

Because I want something new to buy

I do not doubt that I am probably a troubled guy

But my trouble is getting overwhelming or should I lie

That everything everywhere irritates me that I can’t deny?

Let me take a step back and assess

If indeed I might be the one in need of redress

Perhaps I have served me with much of the public mess

Till my mind all too quickly has broken to the point of distress

But can a broken mind find the strength to tell the context of its stress?

Again let me take a look and make a measured guess

It is likely the lies, injustice and those that life seems to oppress

And I seem not to find the right emotions through which I can express

The wickedness and impunity with which society is made to severely regress

And the loud silence of men to evil contraptions means we have answered with a yes.

Let me dump the rhymes and make my point clear

This generation is filled with selfish monsters warped by their desires,

People who have no concern for the greater good and do not even see the need for it

Trampling on the hopes and dreams of the the poor to protect an un-guaranteed future

And they have managed to transfer diabolic genes to our beautiful ones just born.

When will judgement come on them

Who put their hands to their smelly bossom and touch the public food?

When will their end be determined

Who loot us, oppress us, then seek our approval on the pages of glossy tabloids?

When will the arrows of justice be shot

To discomfit their plots and deliver the weak from their strong jaws?

When I think of all these, I feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually tired

My view of all things become upset, everything looses its beauty

Yes..even the very artforms through which we appreciate the ingenuity of the Divine.

I long for a new community, where everyone looks out for the other

Where we meet not on the gain we seek, but the sacrifices of the meek

When we find true joy in the smiles we plant on anothers’ face, smiles that last

When we have learnt to opened our hands, arms and heart and hold nothing back

When our labours will be for the good of the commonwealth, and not for the singleton

Then will I be truly refreshed from the weariness of emotional discouragement

And be strengthened to dream again, hope again and work hard to fulfil them all.

~To the poor who have no voice

~To those who await justice to be done

~To all those who have determined to live in truth

~To all those who choose to overcome through ardent love



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