ideasA few days ago I wrote on the need to focus on work rather than on a job. Like I stated, a job may pay your bills, but it’s your work that gets you actual satisfaction and keeps you moving even in very difficult times. Have you wondered why some people who have a job seem most frustrated and will give anything to get out of such hellish conditions, while others with no income based activity are seriously excited at what they have found to do with their hands? Yes it happens, and the key reason here is that only what comes out of you, can truly give you the ultimate fulfillment in your life. This points me to the issue that I want to point out here, and I am beholden to the thing called an ‘idea’. It is also one of the most important responsibilities that people will have simply ignored or deferred to the next person. However, I have come to realize that though unappreciated in its full context, it still forms the basis through which a person can be delivered from the punches of life, into a state of continuous excitement, relevance, and achievement.

While we all know the definition of achievement, I very differently propose that it has nothing to do with money, fame, or preconceived notions of success. Rather, it is the attainment of a point where something that originates from you becomes useful to other men. The fact here is that some people never live to see financial rewards for their idea, even though it is useful to other men. That in no way plays down their achievement as personal fulfillment becomes the acceptable prerequisite for such individuals. A few days ago a friend told me that the man Walt Disney had an idea that translated into the amazing Disney which we all know today. But you see the man died in 1966 and today, Disney and all its estate is far richer than when the founder was alive. What he tasted as his reward cannot be compared to what it could have been if he were alive today. What then can we say gave him satisfaction? It is the point that his idea became actualized and so many people have eaten at the vineyard of his produce.

Therefore what’s most important in this discourse is to note that you have really not begun fully to live your life and to work if that idea within you is not brought forth. Your idea is your personal expression of your living, else you merely exist. It is your registration with life that you have lived. It is your trademark and the etching of your presence on earth. So I ask you where your idea is. The longer you spend time doing other people’s assignment given to you without a thought to what is your own conviction of your personal assignment, the more you reduce the potency of you contribution in life. So waking up to the fact that you have something to give in life that is only stored up in you, will consequently increase your personal effectiveness. Think through this. Nothing makes you different from anyone else that has delivered on their own quota. The only thing that separates you is that you are yet to deliver of your own good. Delivering of your own substance is the most crucial aspect of your life. So again, where is your idea?

Make no mistake like others do that think an idea is something wowing. It doesn’t have to be, and it doesn’t have to make your disengaged from every other person as well. It just simply has this basic quality: making life better for at least one more person. Stop thinking that it must be big else the little thoughts will fly by unnoticed. I have just whetted your appetite and will continue on this issue tomorrow. My sole aim here is to get you thinking about this whole matter from today. A critical time in humanity like what we are witnessing is also a time filled with opportunity to express you. The video I posted yesterday was sort of a backtracker to a future you must desire for yourself. This is because it talked about what we have become due to what this world has dictated to us much of the time. Well, it’s time to break free and start thinking on your real worth. See ya tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “WHERE IS YOUR IDEA?

  1. Udoh Mary says:

    Reginald,this is quite interesting and impressive.It’s time we start having a clear picture of our ideas.Ur thoughts about ideas ve just kept d ball rolling.Keep it up dear.

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