WakeUpYourIdeasNow I realize that one of the most obvious stumbling block before the path of most people is the fact that many have no idea what they want from life. They simply live and accept whatever is thrown at them and complain when things do not go well with them. This is like a man who goes to the market without first deciding what exactly he will be spending money on. The result of this is that whatever is enticing in the market is likely to catch your attention, whether it is beneficial to you or not. It is also likened to those who watch sales television, and end up buying so much stuff they have no need of. Life is full of luring options that can misdirect you far away from what will give your life upmost value, and you ability to sieve through these distractions is based upon your clear-headed apprehension of what you want out of life, and what you intend to give back.
When you can overcome the above mentioned issue, your internal environment begins to oscillate at a higher frequency in looking at external issues that you would like to bring an answer to. This is where ideas begin the process of climbing through the muddy and murky waters of your thoughts and imaginations, which are by the way fueled by all the knowledge you have acquired. Once you have allowed such ideas to hop out of you and fall on the pages of a writing sheet, aided by the expressiveness of eager fingers, then it assumes the state of a new born baby needing urgent attention, else the unthinkable may happen.

Ideas, like new born babies have a life of their own, and must be appropriately nurtured. I have always described ideas as breathing organisms that possesses those characteristics that defines all other such living things. As soon as they are birthed, they begin to take a form of their own, based on what they immediately contact on the outside environment they meet. When they meet pessimism, they immediately begin to shrivel and warp up, and when the meet optimism, they flourish and increase in strength. This is why it is very important to beautify the circumstances into which your idea is born. If you utter it to men of diminishing marginal imaginative returns, it is dead on arrival. But when introduced to men of foresight and increasing potency of thought, you will see your idea take its first step. Just like you want be sure a new baby is born into the cleanest of environments, you also should be sure your idea is initiated where time and chance are of a positive energy.

Because your idea is a living thing, it will begin to act like such. It will begin to attract its friends and identify its enemies, point to its strengths and highlight its weaknesses. It will attract its resources and demand for the necessary attention. You must remain active throughout this period, managing the series of events that you encounter to give more life to proposition. A lot of people write down their ideas and go to sleep. So also will your idea slip through your fingers, and the energy that came along with its birth will wane and you will lack the courage to pursue the demands of the idea. As you read this, it is obvious that you have written some thoughts down on paper. Go back and give them life. Some of them can be merged together, while others can be pursued alone. Better still, some will require that you sit down and think further to understand how these ideas can become more practical. If you need to train a child in the way that he should go, you will also need to train your idea into what it should be. By no means should you allow it to remain in your mind, or on the pages of a rusty paper. So one more time I challenge you by asking: Where is your idea?



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