BadMen2Continuation from part 1.

4. Sex is not everything. Some men erroneously believe that once they have perfected the art of having sex, there are automatically deified as sex gods empowered by the authorities of the Kama Sutra. Consequent upon this is that women are seen as mere clientele within their spheres of carnal influence, through which they exercise their brutish trade and desecrate the altars of fidelity with droppings of disdain. I read the story of a handsome young man who at a rather early period become indoctrinated by his bloated pride and perceived he was the desire of any women. He plunged himself into wanton sexual escapades and several years after; he was an entire emotional wreck. Now he is trying to get things back in shape after plunging his life into the abyss of prurient pleasures. He discovered that what gave him utmost satisfaction was not the few seconds of climax he experienced, but his ability to love a woman wholly and give himself over to her benefit. He suddenly had to admit that he had wasted his youth trying to prove a point he never founded. After you show of strength, remember that it all comes down to how broad your shoulders are for her head to lay on, and how large your heart is to be her place of rest. Save your sex for when you marry her. If you kill her with excess of it, no one will sue you for the oath covers all circumstances. The size of your bushboy has nothing to do with her true joy.

5. Muscles on your flesh doesn’t equal muscles in your mind. This is one area where it is very easy to size up a guy and measure the content of his mind. Every woman can easily measure this at the first encounter after the sweetie talks are done. These days there is a growing fad for men to tone their bodies and create the perfect sexy look. Mind you the motivation here is not that they want to be healthy and live longer, but merely because their bodies have become an instrument of lure and their postures a ready capture of the hearts of women of easy virtues. Shaping your body to wear a nice suit and look like Daniel Craig, should be equally and more importantly matched by your willingness to shape your mind to take on the demands of a divergent society. When push comes to shove, the real enemies you battle are not physical ones, so your physique will fail you without required internal muscles. Save her the stress when you cannot carry her burdens as she places them down. A woman is a pretty complex being, and what they demand of you will usually require that you sit still and listen so as not to assume anything. So save you ability to shout or flex, and get to the business of gathering internal momentum. This is what keeps her safer when tough times come.

6. Money is not everything. Some of us men assume that once we have money, the women will come. That assumption is correct. But it is also no different from when you defecate on your body, flies will come. Not only will women come around more often, all forms of personalities will come including your foes. Where the error lies is that we think that as long as we have the ways and the means we can successfully manipulate their hearts to fit our lifestyles. Wrong! It may buy you time with them, but can never buy you love. The moment a competitor arrives the scene with higher capacity, you will be dumped for quantity. So brandishing your legal tender as a way maker is an indicator to the corruption of your soul. If you have it in excess, then bless the poor, cloth the naked, and feed the hungry. I am of the opinion that no woman should ever know your personal worth at the outset, but should be a gradual discovery after better virtue have been exhibited. Oh man! This will also help you ward off those who are flies and keep you sensitive to the right kind of women around you. Let nothing ever deceive you and make your head swollen when you have a few pennies in your pocket. You are first appointed a steward of whatever you have. Know that wise use is what guarantees increase and that money is attracted to the prudent. So put your money to productive use and not to chasing women.

7. Finally, respect every woman you meet. Some men are very experienced in deceiving women over the phone, while some are chatting maestros. They can successfully wrap up a fake commitment deal over a phone call without a care for the feeling of the woman involved. It is okay to say such women are to be blamed, BUT CAN I TALK TO THE MEN AT THIS TIME?Why are you that wicked to sit down and deceive a woman over a phone call and tell her all the nonsense you can muster without even ever setting eyes on her? Why mess with her mind knowing she is the weaker vessel? Some have already concluded their marriage plans with another woman, yet they are still enraptured with the delight of another damsel. Why would you punish two people? You will be deceiving not just one person, but two; the one who is excited that she is marrying the man of her dreams and the one who is about to hear of your wedding on Facebook. These all point to a lack of respect for women. Gone are the days when disrespect for women was the order of the day, and when men acquired them as references to their wealth. I exhort you oh brother to be respectful of the woman you are engage with at this moment; whether your acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, fiancée, or wife. Respect her sexuality, respect her emotions, and respect her life. She has a right to happiness, the kind you seek as well. The Bible says the woman is the glory of the man, so whatever you do to her has an effect on your glory as well.

There is much more to write about regarding how men relate to women in a given relationship. But I will leave this here and hope that someone else will speak the unwritten parts of this discourse.

In a short while, I will direct my straight talk at our precious women.

Reggie ‘09


2 thoughts on “MEN: SOME STRAIGHT TALK! – Part 2

  1. Dee says:

    A friend sent me your link and I enjoyed your write-up. Well done, deep words you’ve written up here. Blessings of God to you.

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