I felt it will only be fair if I didn’t just write on why we men need to get our acts together with regards to our relationships with women. It really does take two to tango, even if one may have the upper hand in manipulating the other. So in every ‘fatal attraction’ there is a shared responsibility for the outcomes, even though I have opined that men are more responsible for whatever happens. Women also have a critical part to play in whatever experiences they face in the hands of men. We can reverse the scenario and talk about how some women are plain wicked to their man and what such men ought to do to escape the ‘spirit of Jezebel’ in operation at that moment. Thus it is fair game to give a straight talk to our precious women because many are also, with their own hands, dipping themselves into the cesspool of emotional turbulence, while they have their eyes wide open (or should I say wide shut?..It seems more so). Continue reading