You know we sometimes underestimate the power of seeking God first before taking any major action. We sometimes study the outlook of things, particularly the socio-economic environment, then jump into action. The latter has its place, but there remains a high chance of grievous mistakes that take time to correct. However, I have rarely seen people who commit their ways to God making mistakes. Tosin’s testimony below is a worthy encouragement in this regard and I can relate to this having walked that road severally. You should read below, in his own word’s, how he landed his current position.

This is my testimony in full on how I got a miracle job at Cadbury Nigeria Plc even before my youth service.

After my much awaited convocation in July 2010, I made up my mind not to stay idle till November; when my call up letter was scheduled to be distributed. A couple of places and things that could engage me dutifully paced through my mind; I took out time to seek God’s face on what exactly He would have me do and He replied me. I became convinced deep in my heart that my place was in Cadbury Nigeria Plc.
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