I am sure you heard this statement before: “There is no true love.” I have heard it so many times that I wonder how people came to such dangerous conclusions. But on a closer look, one will find that such statements are made by those who have tasted the ugly side of relationships, or have been knocked off the mountain of adoration into an emotional roller coaster. It is normal that after bad experiences you begin to ask yourself questions of self examination. Love also has had its take by all those who have claimed to encountered it at one point or the other, and what they make of it is usually a result of the kind of experiences they had in their past or present relationships. Whatever the take on the matter, the truth is that love cannot be qualified or quantified. It is what it is. It cannot be greater or less, it comes in a static form and has no superlative. So one cannot have more love or less love, you simply have ‘love’. So the question of whether there is true love is off point, because the most sensible thing to ask is whether there is love at all. But since that cannot be disproved, then the issue must be dropped. There is love and many will and are encountering it.
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