Top African Countries for Investment – by

1. South Africa

Despite a troubled recent history, South Africa has quickly become a model of stability in Africa and an important voice on the world stage. It ranks second in the world for accountability of private institutions and third for financial market development, showing trust in its markets at a time when trust is hard to find. With a rapidly growing tourism industry, a wealth of natural resources and booming industrial production, South Africa presents a unique opportunity hard for some investors to pass up.

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2. Mauritius

Little-known Mauritius offers a strong infrastructure for foreign investors – particularly in the areas of ports, air transport, and phone communication. Coupled with strong and transparent public institutions, clear property rights and an efficient government that enjoys an independent judiciary (a rare find on the continent), Mauritius has high standards for investor protection.

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3. Rwanda

The Rwandan government’s no-tolerance policy when it comes to corruption makes the country a strong contender for investment. High-functioning institutions and security infrastructure contribute to the package. Additionally, Rwanda is well known for innovation and efficiency, and has well-developed financial and labor markets compared to the rest of the continent.

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