ideasA few days ago I wrote on the need to focus on work rather than on a job. Like I stated, a job may pay your bills, but it’s your work that gets you actual satisfaction and keeps you moving even in very difficult times. Have you wondered why some people who have a job seem most frustrated and will give anything to get out of such hellish conditions, while others with no income based activity are seriously excited at what they have found to do with their hands? Yes it happens, and the key reason here is that only what comes out of you, can truly give you the ultimate fulfillment in your life. This points me to the issue that I want to point out here, and I am beholden to the thing called an ‘idea’. It is also one of the most important responsibilities that people will have simply ignored or deferred to the next person. However, I have come to realize that though unappreciated in its full context, it still forms the basis through which a person can be delivered from the punches of life, into a state of continuous excitement, relevance, and achievement.
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