Let me share something I’m embarking on more consciously this weekend. It’s not that I do not practice this often, but some how we are rarely deliberate about our acts of kindness and usually just respond involuntarily to others in a kind way. But I have since discovered that when you are purposeful with you act of kindness, it tends to prompt a repeat performance. Interestingly, a repeat performance on two fronts. First is that you the initiator feels a sense of satisfaction deep down and you begin seeking for other opportunities to reenact the circumstances in which you display kindness. Second, the receiver is more aware of the act of kindness in his favour and most likely will be full of gratitude and memory that an opportunity will also be sought to prove the capacity for kindness as well. I have seen this dynamic work over and over that it is beyond a theoretical assumption. Kindness will always beget kindness. So this weekend I am deliberately going to nourish my soul with random acts of kindness, especially to strangers I have never met before. If you believe in the concept of six degrees of separation, I could convince you then that it will take probably six cycles for an act of kindness to find its way back to you :D. You don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

We profess so much to being a thing, but we rarely have evidence of our claims. I have often found that in my selfish permutations, one thing is ever-present: a willful calculation for self centeredness to guarantee my existence. I guess we can explain this away as an inherent feature of the survival instinct, which we all are likely subject to. But on the reverse, we expect the traits of love, kindness, niceness, pleasantness, coolness, friendliness, helpfulness, e.t.c to be automatic from people around us. So we are very quick to point out when a person lacks any of these qualities, especially directed towards us. But in truth, we live in a world where we have renamed the horse as the cart and the cart as the horse, thus rearranging the order and creating a science out of it all then forging an existence thereof. We have come to label any attempt to correct this as idealism and a stay on the status-quo as realism. Within such a warped system, it is only sensible to deliberately work against the worldly narrative and create a sense of fulfilling the true calling in life.

So if you are reading this, my challenge to you is to take a few days and carry out some random acts of kindness mostly to people you have never met before or aren’t close to. Then come back here and share your experiences or share it with someone and encourage them a to do the same. We have to learn to make a conscious decision in being the person we so desire to become. It wont happen if we don’t work at it. The beauty of this is that it transcends religion or moral predispositions and unlike morality, it is not subject to personal or cultural interpretation.

Enjoy every moment of the experience.



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