Sometime ago I wrote something on money politics in Nigeria. It can be accessed at I was very concerned at the way money was the single determinant of the ascension to any political position rather than a commitment to public service. This way, the rich or those who had access to the rich found their way into the corridors of power to perpetuate the interest of their pockets, or their masters as the case may be. I did note that when a country’s future or destiny is placed into the hands of such men, what results is a rogue economy and a collapse of national values.

Today, I came across the information below and I felt I should share this in the open for those who may not have the details already. This is to further strengthen the point that with these mouth watering packages, almost anyone will die to have access to such opportunities. So wonder not when huge malpractices are going on during elections, when politicians are sleeping in the bush for diabolical enhancement and emerging with talismans to conjure their victories, and be not confounded either when before our very eyes, they hijack the system and make it a money making spindle. The President is asking them to sacrifice only 20% of their salaries and they concluded that it was only 10% they could part with. This is extremely laughable. What is even more disturbing is the rate at which these ‘leaders’ engage in under the table transfers and cutting deals that undermine transparency and accountability.

Someone mentioned that a friend, working for one of the senators, was sent to pick up and envelop containing $500,000 for a six senators as reward for their ‘hard work’. Yet, these are the same people who feel they are justified to mediate in the Niger-Delta crisis and tell those young militants what to do. I will not argue about what they earn if the can tell me how many credible bills they have passed this year alone six months after. If they could tell me how effective they are back at their constituencies and how many times they meet for meetings to hear out the people who voted them in, perhaps I will not be discussing this. They collect constituency allowance of 200%. If they could show me credible projects they have executed with such monies, then I may be appeased as a citizen that their earnings are justified.

Anyways, I am not here to complain, but to just provide my readers to this information and let you judge for yourself where exactly our democracy is taking us. Below is a breakdown of the monies earned by a Senator

2,484,245.50 Basic Salary (BS)
1,242,122.70 Hardship Allowance @ 50% of BS
4,968,509.00 Consistuency allowance @ 200% of BS
1,242,122.70 Newspaper allowance @ 50%
621,061.37 Wardrobe allowance @ 25%
248,424.55 Recess Allowance @ 10%
4,968,509.00 Accommodation @ 200%
828,081.83 Utilities @ 30%
1,863,184.12 Domestic Staff @ 75%
828,081.83 Entertainment @ 30%
621,061.37 Personal Assistance @ 25%
1,863,184.12 Vehicle Maintainance Allowance @ 75%
248,424.55 Leave Allowance @10%

7,452,736.50 Furniture Allowance @ 300% of bs

One off payments

7,452 736.50 Severance grautity @ 300% (Once they get fired)
9,936 982.00 Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of BS (Every Four Years)

Senators Salary per month – N 2 456 647.7

In the US where I live, the annual salary of each senator, as of 2009, is $174,000; the President pro tempore and party leaders receive $193,400. In June 2003, at least 40 of the then-senators were millionaires. In addition to their salaries, senators’ retirement and health benefits are identical to other federal employees, and are fully vested after five years of service.

Now you sit down and work the total, then convert it to Dollars at 148 Naira to a Dollar. You may then get at my point.

Reggie 09



  1. Engr. Ejere says:

    In Nigeria, politicians are thieves. Do we actually need the large number of parlamentarians? Afterall, they are not acting as check to the executive neither are they making laws. The executive have been bye-passing them in many policies. I am not surprise if no money to tar our roads and provide us tap water. A country where the minimum wage is seven thousand five hundred naira, there is no future for this country

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