TAKING BACK OUR EDUCATION FUTURE (Continuation of a Facebook discussion)

A while ago, we worked on a group where we critically discussed how to deliver an effective primary and secondary school education system. Here are a few points I tendered as I can clearly remember:

1. The present system is not delivering much results. Globally there is a shift in the focus of education, but we have maintained the same system for over 20 years now.

2. The curriculum is very crippling. There has to be a national revision of the curriculum to attack the national education goal, if there is one set at all.

3. The method of delivery is very suspect. The quality of teachers in most schools kills the process of delivery and subverts the learning ability of the children.

4. Terrible funding of education in general.


On the solutions front, I admitted that we may not be able to carry out widespread change at once, as that can only be done at a policy level. Dr. Oby Ezekwesili in her short stint as Education Minister tried to effect some positive structural changes. But like the usual epileptic policy processes, it was short-lived. So on one hand, we must seek a platform through which we have an All Nigerian Education Conference and tag is something like “Education: Nigeria’s Future at Stake”, or something more creative. The focus will be to gather thinkers and passionate education administrators with tenable experience or research to discuss what should change and how, with tangible goals set. Policy makers must be part of this and their noted commitment must be to redraft the course of education policy and source of resources to drive the change.
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