Five important lessons of the past few weeks:

1. No matter how clear and managed your passion is, you will be misunderstood.
2. After you have laid down your life for a cause, even your friends will trample on it.
3. Some people will never find their passion until someone creates something and they suddenly realise what they have been waiting for.
4. Scorners are more dangerous than opposers. They are like seeping poisonous gas. They don’t believe you and wouldn’t allow others to.
5. One of the greatest gifts God gives a man is a limitless mind. If you find yourself thinking seemingly impossible thoughts, you are closer to divinity.

*For each of these lessons, I will take my time over the next few weeks to expound on each.


2 thoughts on “Five important lessons of the past few weeks:

  1. Maybe you’ll be strong enough to stop watching it for a week or two, but then the desire is so strong that you give in and bam your right back at the bottom. Now Fred is close to making the biggest mistake he has ever made about sex ever since he started using it to escape stress.

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