A little thought. I was in for the late night service getting ready for the new year. The preacher was preaching, the singers were singing, and the ushers were ushering. The excitement was real and the momentum was unstoppable. Then it struck midnight, and the place slid into a frenzy and people proclaimed what the new year meant to them. For some it was a year of victory, miracles, profound testimonies, prosperity, significance, announcement, greatness, e.t.c. You could feel how tangible their faith was. I was jealous. I wish I could sum all the prophecies and apply it to my life and family. In my heart I knew nothing was changing for me except the time on the clock. I was in the same season and will stay there until I learn the things I am being taught. So here’s for those like me who remain in a particular season. Let’s do all we can to be diligent. Happy New Year!


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