Having been enamored by the use of graphics for a while now, I have consistently sought to find more stories told by pictures. With the ongoing referendum in Sudan, BBC today gave me a fresh perspective to the kind of challenges that country faces, issues that I could only have understood through hard gathering of facts. In just one viewing, I could immediately comprehend why the Southern Sudanese need some form of independence if  their development (several ethnic groupings in the South) is going to be guaranteed. The immoral and gaping disparities in the levels of development between the North and the South is inarguably unconscionable.

I share the graphics here so you can tell the story yourself. These maps reveal Sudan’s shocking divisions. Thanks to BBC for this great representations. Place your cursor above each image for a small description.

Geography and States of Sudan.

Ethnic Groupings

Infant Mortality Rates

Water and Sanitation.



Food Insecurity.

Oil fields.



2 thoughts on “A VISUAL STORY OF SUDAN

  1. Curious Dooris says:

    Thank you Reggie for an interesting post! I didn’t know a lot about the situation in Sudan, only what I see and hear in the news. This gives a wide range of background information in a very nice and understandable way 🙂

  2. Nana says:

    Thanks Reggy for the enlighting and interesting post. This comes as a shock and unblief. I hope the referendum to divide the country is passed succeefully. Alot of generations have suffered injustice because of thier ethnicty and skin color. God help us.

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