We set goals about every thing around us, but most times fail critically when it comes to personal traits. Your character, deportment and antecedent (if I am allowed to combine all three) are an integral part of your human package, and they create a solid platform to launch you into any level of success which you desire. So after assessing myself by myself this past days, I have decided on my top ten ‘musts’ for the year 2010, perhaps for the decade as well. These are traits I want to improve on, and stating them here will keep me accountable; and I know someone will at least try to test me on one of them. 🙂

1. I will be nicer from now on. Being nice shouldn’t be predicated on how you feel, but a natural response to all those around you regardless of their demands. I have found that it is easier to be not nice and grumpy all the time. So deliberately I will challenge myself to be nice and not being pretensive in any way.

2. I will give more. I have always prayed for the resources to give more, but I find that when I increase in substance, it doesn’t necessarily equate with an increase capacity to give. So my prayer will change this year to asking for an increased capacity to give; perchance I may be entrusted with more resources to give.

3. I will listen more. I have also found that I am highly opinionated and seem to have a preconceived idea of all things. That is the definition of foolishness. Every time I listened than speak, I learnt more than I knew before. This happened to me on the first day of the year. A guy I expected little from, in terms of knowledge gave me a good lesson in physical and cultural geography of Africa. So listening more this year will be a key to improved learning for me.

4. I will observe more. Most times I pride in the ability to make a quick assessment which results in good decision making. That has its place. But I have found in the past year that the ability for critical observation is key to in-depth appraisal of circumstances. Most times we make the least out of situations and this is a far cry from what we can really juice out. If I observe more, i will see more, and know more about my circumstance, that way making the best out it all.

5. I will study more. I have limited myself in the past years to studying books and people. But this year I will expand the ambit of my studies to include cultures and philosophies, technologies and music. Being able to make a meaningful contribution to every aspect of human existence is what education ought to achieve.

6. I will write more. So much information flies around, yet only those who care to capture these thoughts and put them down will be written on the pages of our history. So I will busy myself with letting no thought go undocumented while capturing the smartness and stupidity of men. These will be the prophetic pages we will look back to in the future giving us guidance. I now of a surety that history will always repeat itself.

7. I will sing more. I have left active singing for 3 long years and now I do bathroom melodies and sometimes to appease my wife for good things to fall on my table. I will do more targeted singing to increase my pitch range and do more voice manipulation. Singing is one way to change the aura around you, so I intend the constantly positively alter the air around me.

8. I will dance more. A while ago I think funny of everyone who clubs….lol… Not that it has changed much, I only just wonder how on earth people will strike up a conversation when the music is heavily blasting. In any case I find that such clubbers are a lot physically fit due to all the pleasurable windings and shakings all in the name of dancing. If exercise can be as pleasurable as dancing resulting in being fit, then I will dance more. However in a more mentally healthy environment…ha ha ha

9. I will play more. A merry heart is good medicine for the body. Playing increases the youthfulness of the heart, and brother, if you want to live longer, don’t overburden your heart with weighty matters. Whatever sensible activity that will strengthen my heart and make me more young at heart, I will include in my schedule. In fact I feel like playing Police and thief again….sigh! those good ‘ol days!

10. I will be more devoted. God is the rock from where I am hewn. Devotion to Him has brought me here and a constant devotion to Him will take me there. So this is my year of a renewed and complete devotion to God. All He has spoken to me and invested in me comes on the platform a living fellowship with Him. From now on I will stand on my watch to SEE what He SAYS to me 🙂


3 thoughts on “10 THINGS I WILL DO ABOUT ME IN 2010

  1. Great one my brother. Those highlights seem simple to keep but you know how issues of life will try to steal some; on a serious note, they are life fulfilling high points. I wish you a Year full of Happiness and great success.

  2. Uchenwa Njoku says:

    If Steven Covey read this, he will call it a “Perfect mission statement”. Although u fotgot one though.
    Regi will Flaunt Africa

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