Nobody will deny the show of modern power that China just demonstrated over the past 16 days of the greatest sporting event on earth. Apart from outstanding manpower with a show-off of over 500,000 volunteers, more than the populations of certain countries, China knocked everyone over with class and finesse in organization. I doubt if any country will be able to dethrone the accomplishments of these people for the next 50 years. Let’s give it to them, now we know that Communism has its advantages, no matter what the counter arguments are. While other countries were plotting to boycott and wish a bad day for the Chinese, they were busy putting together a classic event and making the place comfortable to all who came. Nobody has the voice now to speak against this people, because such will be drowned in the resounding decibel of accolades.

When the torch was passed over to the Brits, and I saw the brief performance put up by the British crew, I knew the next Olympics will nowhere rival what we just saw. With the already high cost and standard of living in the UK, with a vanishing cultural attraction, it is already being seen that it will be anything but colourful. I really hope I am proven wrong on this when the time comes. The British have an uphill task to attract the world and leave us awestruck. I even wonder if the Brits will be willing to spend as much a $47 Billion in breaking this record. we’d leave that to history. In all this my major focus is not just on “what manner of Olympics this is!!!” Beyond that, it is for the lessons other nations can draw from what the Chinese have accomplished in just seven years.

Thomas Friedman notes that “China did not build the magnificent $43 billion infrastructure for these games, or put on the unparalleled opening and closing ceremonies, simply by the dumb luck of discovering oil. No, it was the culmination of seven years of national investment, planning, concentrated state power, national mobilization and hard work.” What truth is further from this? While others are busy wasting their resources on cosmetic and flimsy externals that add no value to their people. While Nigeria is busy wondering what exactly to do with its money and the US busy increasing its military gut, China is making its people proud of calling themselves Chinese. China has slapped everyone in the face by proving that seven years is enough to turn around the direction of a country. There is no doubt that with careful planning and economic focus, a nation can do so much for its people. Nobody is going to go and uproot the infrastructure the Chinese have built. Its people are going to enjoy every bit of it, and such has further opened the door to more opportunities for its denizens.

Oh man!!! Nobody should ever open their mouth again to tell me that development is far fetched, especially for a nation that is greatly endowed like Nigeria. It doesn’t cost anything to give people power, water, housing, good roads, education, and health care. It is within the will power of any government to do so and we have a worthy example to draw from. When the right men come to power, with the interest of their fellow men at heart, we will see that are little or no barriers to what can be accomplished in available time. What else do we need in my country, do we need a Chinese brain transplant for our leaders to guarantee the delivery of value to us? Or do we need to send our leaders to China for intensive courses on strategic planning and execution? No matter the shortcomings of this Oriental power, their investment within their nation far outweighs the criticism against its operations.

Now I wonder like Mr. Friedman which is a first world nation. With increasing capacity and value that the Chinese have in the global economy, who is the superpower now? Let the Chinese sneeze today and see whether even the US will not find a sweater for the great cold it will contact. So lets stop this nonsense talk about Giant of Africa and Black Power on earth and roll up our sleeves and begin to deliver value to our people. When a giant walks into a gathering, he doesn’t need an announcement. But when you have to use a magnifying glass to search out a giant, it must then be the case of stagnation along the continuum of Gulliver’s Travel. For goodness sake let this midget stop talking and start taking the necessary vitamins that builds muscles, while engaging itself in ventures that provokes growth and wholesome development. Seven years from now will tell if we are taking instructions from the examples around us, or we are blinded by our self conceit. I rest my case.


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