Hillary oh Hillary!!!

You know I started out this election thingie thinking about Hillary as the better candidate. I still have that in my head. However I am starting to entertain alternative thoughts about her personality an this gives me great worry over her capacity to deal with the complexities of the American leadership. I watched with keen interest the developments of the campaigning and wasn’t emotional about who I thought was a stronger candidate and I honestly think Huckabee was one man that clearly articulated his position with facts better than anyone else.

Now we are left with three candidates all unique in their own way; first female, first black, first oldest man. This has made me look more cloely at these three especially the democrats for what they can offer. Clinton has impressed with her credentials and frankly, those credentials matter when it comes to realistic choices. But I am growing dissatisfied with her perceived ambitiousness. It seems as though she feels that the only way to win is to become negative. I noted carefully when she began playing negative politics and I asked then why she did that, not knowing this was going to be the beginning of a long and protracted battle. Why does she have to be negative if she has got her unique plan? Deal with your issues and stop discrediting someone else. When did you become the conscience of the nation? If Barack is a misfit, let the people decide, you cook your own food. Now she has drawn the whole nation into a commentary battle or should I say war!!!

In her bid to sell herself, look at the Sniper fire mess…… How can’t she remember the details? I think Hillary has really crossed the line and is showing herself untrusting. On the other hand I felt Obama didn’t have what it takes because he was relatively new, but somemhow I am amazed at how the new faces of the nation, the younger population throw their weight behind Obama. You cannot overlook this. The older population support Clinton…..and that gives me deep concern. Many say young people are emotional and oler people are not, therefore the choices of the older are always pertinent in choosing leadership. But looking closely at the support base for Obama, it’s not just college students, but the middle aged and middle class Americans that support and contribute. Even the outside world wants to see a change in te face of American leadership. Well…..I will not continue in this argument because it pulls the strings of different points of view.

My major concern here is the choice i think America needs to make now. People like Hillary keep saying that the US presidency is the most difficult job in the world. Well….I disagree. When did leading about 400 Millio people become more difficult than leading over 1 Billion people? When did it become more difficult leading e relatively educated population more difficult leading a poor and barely educated population or multi ethnic groupings? I think a lot of things are overstated and unfairly so. The American presidency is more of one who can inspire than one who can perspire. One who can jaw jaw than one who can war war. One who can gather than one who’s a bragger. THe must be a new face for American leadership especially to the outside world that will change the perspectives of other nations to this country. Hillary is already talking about not discussing with certain nations until they comply with certain standards and Obama is talking about discussing with other nations and respecting their sovereignty. America needs another Franklin Roosevelt and JF Kennedy and  am now having a rethink who fits that role.
I am not an American and will not vote, but can someone tell Hillary that other states matter not just states she claims to be big states. She should stop twisting arguments to favour her and be a good player. Also please tell Obama to get to the point of clarity in his agenda. He should also stop getting into a fight of words he cannot win. We have always learnt that in terms of words, you cannot beat a woman. I still may support Hillary if she can just show me she is not having an evil ambition and she has the people at heart not a childhood dream. She is my major focus here because I started out supporting her and still would love a woman to be the President. My support though is being corroded by her subtle nuances of femininity that pitches her in the war path.


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