Sir Ken Robinson and the Mis-Education of Calabarboy.

For a long time I have been reconsidering the way I have been educated (or mis-educated) over time and have to come to realize at what point of this process I lost some of my childhood dreams to what I call the practicalities of reality. This of course was the painful pill my parents and teachers gave me to swallow and for which I was pretty rebellious about, but felt good as it gave me a place among the “literate folks”. But I lost something in the process and I am still trying to get it back and that is ‘the innocence of childhood faith in everything’. Ken Robinson so masterfully reminds me of my current struggle and I want to share his video directly on my blog. So watch and think along with me if you are one of the unlucky ones to have been wrongly educated. After I digest some more issues on the matter I will be back to share my thoughts on the it.