1. Seyi Adeyemi says:

    I am in tears and totaly speechless,
    May almighty God help us to stop all these killings and crisis in our country,
    It is very pathetic…….
    May in never happen to us as country again in Jesus name.

    • But Seyi, we have to do more than just pray. We have received divine wisdom over and over but what have we done? We need to get out of the churches and the Mosques and start practising what we teach and preach…this is gravely sad 😦

    • ALADE says:

      GOD! When are we going to stop this barbaric acts of ours? Does this means life doesn;t worth living in this country, I’m totally perplexed.

  2. Hmm… What a horror, may God have mercy.. David showed us a good example via action; at this point action is what we need as our prayers need to be backed. I learnt ‘two hands working together can do more than a thousand clapped in prayer’. Let’s stand and fight for what we believe. By our decisions we either preserve the future or let or children suffer same.

    • My brother, the painful thing is that the solution is not exactly elusive to the security forces. But we remain reactive each time and never proactive in dealing with the root causes of these violence.

  3. Musa Usman says:

    I dnt have 2 see d entire picture b4 pains gripped me. It is 2 bad dat an occurence like this will happen in a state three times in less than seven months. What happened 2 those dat where caught in d last attack – nothing. But I think it’s time we raise our head and confront this demons called humans, 2 our leaders they will never knw peace themselves as long as they allow these things 2 continue. 2 the security agency I leave u all 2 God.
    May God grant the families of d departed onces fortitude 2 bear d loss.
    2 d children and women killed I pray u all rest in d bossom of our Lord JESUS CHRIST

  4. Ekwa says:

    what started this killing in the first place? right now blood will cry for blood like they say. we need to pray for a forgiving spirit, for mercy and for the spirit of violence to be destroyed. I think a kind of whats the word awareness or education will help. The question is is it indeed religious killing or that is what its turning into. maybe if the root cause is handled then maybe this will stop.

  5. Hauwa Magoro says:

    I am deeply saddened and I see respect for humanity and the sanctity of life has truly been lost. May God Almighty give their families the fortitude to bear this loss. It really is time to be proactive about this like you say Reginald this should not and can not continue.

    • Gosh!!! My heart really bleeds. I get this feeling that somehow, we know the root cause of these matters, yet the will to confront it is lacking. Sometimes we have to unsettle our hidden and festering wounds so that they may heal. But it will take a committed government to do this, individuals cannot alter the minds of people in a longstanding acrimonious relationship.

  6. Adeoye Yemisi says:

    What kind of world do we live in. This is very inhumane, I now understand what it means when i hear the heart of man is desperately wicked. This is really sad.

  7. Rhodes says:

    o my is pathetic and its just too sad..What is there to do, what can we do? you are right, this is beyond prayers, ofcourse that counts but there has to be more..gosh! i didn’t know it was this bad..We helped Haiti, how can we help Jos?

  8. nick says:

    its very sad that we are killing our brothers and sisters, who gives us the right to take life in which a human being cant possible create.
    God sits upon high, and looks down low, they people who have died have not been forgotten. HAVE MERCY LORD

  9. Thowlu says:

    Lord in Heaven….what is this??….For how long will u remain silent O GOD?….R we gonna continue like dis?….Where have we gone wrong o Lord?….. What future is there for dis entity called Nigeria?….R we really DOOMED like pple say?….Is dis generation really as waste as pple claim?…..QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS…and more QUESTIONS?…..It is a pity. My heart bleeds for my home-country. Hapless and defenseless women and children, HACKED down like chickens for Chrissake!!!…..

  10. ADEBAYO says:

    may thier gentlre soul rest in perfect peace. i never knew we still have cruel human beings in this country. is it this bad. this is only a reflection of the bad and useless goverment leaders we have in this country who will not focus on reaching the less than the average nigerian in those remote area of this country but rather, its how to steal contracts and accumulate properties that they know. tell me f this people are educated, civilised, engaged, busy with work, e.t.c, who will be thinking of killing one another just for a piece of land (according to what i heard) or religion. every thing stilll boils to poor leadership ( just like they said, “everything” rises and fall on leadership— thisis exactly one of it.
    the way out— exaclty what you need to ask yourself right now but for me, i think its high time one begins to av plans on how we can help secure a good future for the average nigerian. u may not be up today but as you rise up, please also let one or two nigerians rise with you and i mean less than the average nigerian not someone who has enough food on his table to eat. this is where it all begins.
    the revolution that will happen to this country has only one channel of entry and you can requote me anyday anytime and that channel is the mind. untill the mind is reformatted and reformed, reorientated, all this will have no end and the only way to that is education. i can say precisely 90% of those killers have never gone beyond the level of primary school. so! what av they been doing all the while—- an idle hand is the devils workshop. mr bassey, no matter the demonstration, no matter the shout and complain against governemnt, no matter the preaching, untill the mind of the less than average nigerian is reformed and renewed, things of this nature will still occur ad u know the niger delta wahala is still there. its a pity, our government is a blattant failure. its a shame that this is happeneing in such an over-civilised era of the world and in nigeria and we call ourselves the giant of africa. niigeria is noting but a feeble nation of all this could be happening here. so much to say but i’ll drop this last one, and that is with respect to power supply. it happened in the dark right- at a time when the atmosphere is too tick to reveal anyone. telll me! if every part and croony of this nation is well lighted up with lights in every home and everystreet, will things of this nature happen in such a manifold? (probably but rare). i cry more for the innocent children’s lives that have been wasted. oh God of the heaven and earth! show ur face and rescue the innocents in occurences of this scenarios–i mean even if it is just the innocent. pleaseeeeeee lord i plaed today.

  11. Adedeji Adebusayo says:

    God! You mean all these happened here in Nigeria??!!! Should i start placing curses on the animals behind these or what……..i just don’t know what to say. This is grealtly sad! innocent souls! OH MY GOD! Lord please expose them.

  12. Nwike says:

    Haaa dear God is this the land thats suppose to be flowing with milk and honey. What a scene for the present generation to behold?would there ever be forgiveness in that land.Ethnic crisis in the 21st century?How unfortunate?We must all stand and act now our leaders have failed us, they have indeed failed to act for us.We must not see this as a time to split as a nation, indeed wisdom has been given to us from the Lord we must stand firm and make decision that would move our generations yet unborn to another level.
    This looks like the old statement in the present day. It is with a weak heart i write this day.
    May God help us all

  13. Adeola says:

    dis is evil’ total wickedness’ is it dat people dnt ve conscience again’ i dnt knw why on earth a bein born of a woman would do such a din’ may all d souls rest in perfect peace’

  14. Oduneye Tolulope says:

    The root of the problem starts with the amalgamation of over 250 tribes that has no understanding of each other.
    i doubt this is about religion but more on rights, we all remember ife and modakeke the war stopped when there was no one sponsoring modakeke.
    This jos war will probably stop if and when there is no sponsor.
    it is a known fact that the southern area of Nigeria are more educated and well learned than the northern so they get more jobs and entitlements and they are mostly christians this is why it seems like a religious crisis.
    Read this and u will understand better.

    “If there are job opportunities in an area, and persons believe they are indigenous to that area, and (are) not getting enough out of the jobs that are available, they will fight those who are getting the jobs,” Obasanjo said.

    Obasanjo said he’s convinced the conflict in the oil-rich nation does not have religious roots, because Nigerian religious leaders have come together and deliberated on the problems in Jos, which lies on a faith-based fault-line between Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria and the mainly Christian south.

  15. Daniel N. Okengwu says:

    I’m really thinking of what to do next. Should I protest? Spread the Gospel more? Raise more alarm? Join and fight? Prepare for vengeance? Make more research? Pray more? Study more? Give up? Raise the dead? or just wait till I’ve got the “Time” to change the world?

  16. Suleimanu Usaini says:

    I am speechless!!!!! I have seen the photos & tears r fallin from eyes. I weep for my Jos, the land of my birth! It has been over 3 years i have seen her last, & in the last 7 months till date i hear tales of woes & killings & wailings in the land. Oh Lord were have we gone wrong. There are deep pains in my heart that i ask my self the question what can i do to help? Who said the there will be no cry for vegence? The fulanis & Hausas will have no resting or hiding place until the Berom people revenge. That is exactly what is going to happen, because i know this people like the palm of my hands. But i pray oh Lord first, give us the grace to forgive the perpetrators of this evil act & the wisdom to know the right step to take to avoid a reoccurrence of such barbaric act.

  17. Abiodun Salami says:

    This is quite sad, however i beilieve it is NOT just religious, its about the amalgamation of over 300 tribes to form a nation,this forced marriage CANNOT continue, our leaders and those in power use all the resources and machinery in their possession to unleash terror on the weak and defenseless, remember Odi, Zango-Kattaf, Mile12, Ife-Modakeke, Kano, Zaria, Bok-Haram etc it happens everywhere.Unfortunately our leaders, those we elected and those who selected themselves into positions of authority are culpable, we do not like to say/hear the truth, we have a constitution but for selfish and greedy reasons, those who are supposed to uphold this constitution are ‘dodging’ there responsibilities, issues like this cause a lot of friction and then it blows out into conflicts like this…..i honestly have lost my drive upon seeing these pics, i am lost as to what we can do to stop this…..its beyond prayers, God will not come down to help us STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!!May the souls of the killed rest in peace…….AMEN…..INSHA ALLAH.

  18. kemi fasanmi says:

    I’m just seein this and nau I believe dat the heart of man is desperately wicked! All I pray nau is dat the judgement if God visits d hauses of these wicked ppl this will xtend to their unborn generations… This is rili gross! I rili nid to ask were those pictures from Nigeria??? I dnt pray for God to have mercy on dem. I work in the national assembly and today reps of jos women were there to seek d attention of d honourables and senators, I was moved to tears by their stories. This is no different from wat hapnd in Rwanda… For cryin out loud, I saw d picture of a young boys head cut open up there! Wat kuld he have done??? But my question is, those that died as sinners, r they rili goin to hell? My heart bleeds for my fellow Nigerians on d Plateu.

  19. I could understand what happened in Haiti, at least it was a natural disaster!!! But this is just a senseless and ridiculous massacre and all in the name of religion. People need to understand that Religion aint gonna take you to heaven but rather having a true relationship with God. And this entails loving God and loving ur neighbour like urself. If we say we love God above all else and also love our neighbours like ourselves, then can we truly kill ourselves? Let the fear of God be paramount in all that we do. We shall continue to pray for Nigeria and also hope that the Federal Government steps in to avert future recurrence.

  20. Martins says:

    I can’t believe this actually happen in a civilized world! I am so upset,it could have been anyone.I served in Jos North Local government.To think of the fact the victims were women and children made it so barbaric!These people must be brought to book.Justice must prevail!

  21. BOND C says:

    Bross u try dat is my people u just show the level of inhumanity and injustice done to them. thank you for a job well done, i have such idea in mind but my job is keeping me away from been part of the crusade. am trusting God for grace to stand and be a voice to the countless voices in my home land thank you.

  22. toye lash says:

    there is so much work 2 b done. any bank account or plan 4 aid and support? oga reginald lets do sumtin dis week. 1st open an account or is der 1 already. we nid 2 b in jos. im in. 08060066717,,flight 2007.lets start quik. im in pains.


  24. austin says:

    the heart of man is deadly, wat on earth could warrant such animalistic and deadly act, can somebody tell me why this things are happening, why, oh my God pls help us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  25. Sherrie says:

    Dear Lord in Heaven,Please find it in Your heart to forgive us. You made us all human beings but the devil has decided to turn us against each other. We pray and beg for peace. I cannot even begin to explain the horrible feeling inside that a person can actually murder another because of religion is unthinkable. LORD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS.

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