Sometime in 2002, I attended a very good friends wedding. I was very excited about this event because a lot of old friends were going to be attending and it would be some sort of a great reunion of friends and foes alike. Friends to refresh our goings and catch up with old gist, while the foes will be for making amends. I arrived early so as to get a prime spot where I could mingle well. But this was going to be a fateful day and one I will not forget in a hurry. My first female friend arrived and sat by my side and we began talking, but I was first struck not by her smile or her beautiful makeup, or even her natural beauty, but on the construction of her attire, especially around the chest region. I however kept my calm as a cool headed young man and made it an eye-for-eye contact, but the conversation however was not devoid of the constant temptation to deflect my sight a few inches further down her anatomy.

My woes were further compounded when three other ladies joined us on the table and sat directly opposite me. What they wore tore my sight into shreds and a sudden hastiness came over me and I knew I wouldn’t last on that table. It became worse when, due to the exciting conversation we were all having, these ladies were in the habit of projecting downwards when laughing, therefore exposing their fragile protuberances. After I bore this mental challenge for a pretty long time, and being a very raw and blunt speaker, I decided to safely arise from the dire circumstance and proceed to where the air provoked internal peace. So I whispered to my friend beside me that I was leaving, and with light jocularity told her thanks for the great experience.

Fast forward to 2006. I attended a little birthday party of a friend who decided to have it two ways. One during the day for those who could make it and another at night for those who had the time for nocturnal activities. I submit now that I made the humble mistake of choosing to attend the night event. I was amazed at how skimpily over 99 percent of the young ladies were dressed. And more wonderment was to the fact that some of them just landed on the chairs and scattered their bodies and spread their legs without recourse to female etiquette. Confessing, some of their wears were beautifully designed and cute in appearance, however, it was nothing but a picturesque horror for any decent young man or woman. When the dancing began, it was another spectacle entirely. The ladies were simply grinding their barely covered bodies against lads lusting for the flesh of young maidens. And the way their bodies shook, one could tell that there was barely any internal reinforcement underneath these skimpolos.

While I could not leave because the celebrant was my childhood friend who felt my presence was a great honour, I decided to move closer to some other guy friends who I thought were having a great discussion amidst the blaring noise from the music. I was even more disgusted by what was being discussed by these blokes. They were simply ripping apart some girls sitting at the opposite end of the small hall, making fun of their wears and telling themselves who their kill was going to be for the night. One silly guy, who was like the party clown even boldly stated that he was going to take one home to mama, but he knows his mama will drive him from her sight after seeing girl. Hilarious as that sounds, I was greatly disturbed. Not at the statements made by these guys, but for what these damsels were bringing upon themselves. Indeed they may not care because they weren’t hearing what the conversation was, but surely if they did, most of them will either pray to be swallowed up by the ground, or just to evaporate from the occasion.

Over and over again, we see the continuous disappearance of the courtesy of appearance, especially in how ladies these days present themselves at special events. Whille I agree that fashion is a huge business and also a way of self expression, I cannot but wonder what exactly is the underlying thinking for such fad behaviour at these times. Or is there really a thinkling behind it? Could it just be a simple trend that requires no thought on but just a followership, or is it a necessary phase in the growth process of all youths? Whatever it is I think there should be some form of psychoanalytical approach to this matter as laughable as that sounds. Why do young ladies pride themselves in exposing their bodies to the point that you wonder why they even wore anything. Should we blame it on the scam called global warming, or should we simply put it that it is one way to attract or lure the opposite sex?

A lady just told me while writing this that ladies dress for men. It sounds easy to believe, but I have also heard some women say I dress to please myself and not any man. Is this true? Only the ladies can best tell this. But I must emphasize here that men don’t think that way. Men feed their passions from the display of female excesses. While some men may love to see women dressed in skimpy wears, nice hairdos, well manicured nails or fake ones, there is a growing dissonance in the perspective they hold of women. In a time when the image of womanhood is growing more as sex symbols, I cannot but wonder how women are not their own worst enemies. Adverts on bill boards show practically naked women crawling on the floor just to sell a refridgerator, or a bikini dressed lady riding a Yamaha motorbike. What is the link between the two? Nothing. But men will always look to anything that has a woman displaying something crucial to whetting their sexual drive. This is what women have been reduced to in our depraved society and they are not helping matters either.

There is a lot of respect in decency and courtesy. When these ideas are thrown out of the window, then we have nothing but a ‘monkeyfest’ of a society. More and more men are feeling like there’s a women market from where you select and use, then trade old for new at a discounted price. If you can’t buy, simply download illegally or yet, copy and paste. Those are the words with which I can aptly describe the wasting culture which we seem to pick up. When it is now time for these men to settle down, they scramble to look for the most decent of them all, because they know such are the least risky and they probably wouldn’t have a heart attack when their wives hit the road. So in whose court lies the ball, and whose turn is it to serve? All ladies who seem to dance along to a music they have no control over should have a rethink. This system uses and dumps you with no regrets. You either define who you are and what you stand for and stick by it and be known for it, or you will be given what to become and trust me, you have no control over that. But I am glad that there are still exceptional women, who are still very trendy yet very decent. Big ups to them all.

Reggie ’09
(please forgive all errors)



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