Some thot’s on God

There are many qualifiers we append to our relationship with people.
We tend to describe such bonds based on the implicit or explicit actions of those involved and also with the characteristics of thins we relate to. Hardly is there one which we totally refer to as spotless, even when there is much effort to win that praise from others or from us to others.

I sat back and was deeply engrossed in thought about what if God took on some of the qualities of the things that so beset us all around? Though hilariously I penned my thought, but there is an inward rty it brought to me of the treasure I have in God.

Now let me assume some things and answer me as well:

If Nitel were God….who would hear my voice
If Waterboard were God…i’ll be parched with thirst
If MTN were …I have the worst connection
If the Supreme Court were God….I am utterly condemned
If the police were God…I am insecure for life
If the customs were God…all my imports are doomed at sea
If the Immigration were God…I would have been ostracized
If NAFDAC were God…I would have died of food poisoning
If EFCC were God…I would have been wickedly 419ed
If MOPOL were God…I would have been wasted on the streets
If Nepa were God ……I’d be in utter darkness
…..Nepa just brought back the light…..So I continue
If GLO were God…..they would ruin my world
If El-Rufai were God….I’d be homeless
If Soludo were God…I’d be bankrupt
If Obj were God…I;d be made babaric
If Atiku were God…i’d be be a second-hand citizen
If PDP were God…I’d be a “Practically Degraded Person”
If AC were God…I would have been swept off with an ordinary broom
If Yar’Adua were God…my life would have been in slow motion
If Goodluck were God…I would have had so much Badluck
If National Assembly were God… I would have been in a FIGHT TO FINISH
If Ibori were God… I would have been stolen like cash
If Nigeria were God… I would have been sold of to slavery
If America were God…I would have been bought like a slave
If my father were God….I would be so misled
If my mother were God… I would be so confused
If my family were God…I would be so sucked dry
If my wife were God… I would die for love

But I am so excited, exhilarated, appreciative, enamored, amazed, stunned, flabbergasted, overwhelmed, knockedover-slammed-flippe

dover-slappedshot-whippedover about the fact that GOD IS GOD!!!! AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT!!!

So everyone who loves Him for being Him, and are yet to get over His AWESOMENESS…….give it up to the Most High!!!

One love


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