We are a country in dire need of an international makeover, a serious case of physical distortion follows us about and any form of political, social, and economic pancaking will not be overstated. Of recent we have been battling a negative imagery painted by movies, adverts, radio shows around the world and our efforts at throwing down the gauntlet seems to be a flash in the pan. Even banning the movie District 9 in Nigeria or the screaming down of the Sony advert goes a long way to show how desperate our condition has become. Yet all these efforts have just been totally messed up by the actions of the President of the country this week. We look like a baboon claiming equality with a gorilla, and expecting the beating of our chest will cause panic in the forest.

The whole world gathers at the United Nations headquarters in New York, rich and poor, white and black, dictatorship and democracies, all assembled to makes their voices heard and determine a future agenda for the globe. Even the troublemakers and the accusers are sitting on the same table to iron out issues and at least pretend to me making compromises before a watching world. Yet Umar Musa Yar’Adua is sending his Foreign Minister, Ojo Maduekwe to represent him, while he jets of to Saudi Arabia as a guest of the King as they open a University. How sad!

May I remind you that this is the second year of his presidency and his second failure to attend the UN General Assembly of Heads of State. By implication this means Nigeria has had no voice in the in the comity of nations since under Yar’Adua. How can we justify this absolutely embarrassing situation, and what do we call this blatant disregard for Nigeria’s national interest. Of what implication is it to Nigeria’s national interest by being a guest of Saudi Arabia? Are we not looking more internationally moronic by taking actions that seem to obfuscate our determination to polish our global show-glass? This makes me question the intelligence of Nigeria’s leadership, and wonder what the quality of advice given to the leaders is.

Coming at a time when we are in serious contention for a seat in the Security Council, and when issues of the sale of Small Arms and Light Weapons is a challenge Nigeria must take up with the world, we are yet again set back by poor decisions by the leadership. No one but our president can effectively articulate our position before global leaders. It must be mentioned here that Ojo Maduekwe cannot speak before the Heads of State, because he is not one of them. He can only speak at the Foreign Ministers’ slot.  So we have lost another opportunity before the world to register our presence. So in the global register of attendance, Nigeria has twice been marked absent. Yet shamelessly Mr. President goes to honour the opening of a University while our lecturers have downed tools at home. Something is wrong somewhere.

Please can someone help me tell the information minister to stop all rebranding efforts, so we cease making a mockery of ourselves internationally? The disgrace is getting too much for anyone to rebrand. The content is ugly so the packaging will make no difference. Oh!..and please let the President read this if you see him and tell him that Calabarboy is grossly disappointed in him. If he needs to do a medical checkup, tell us to our face and stop playing with spins that are unreasonable.  Mr. President one more thing! Our voice is disappearing in global space.



  1. Brume says:

    U guys shuld just 4get dis country o! until we have a man like Gov Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) as our national leader or the likes of him in that position, just give up cuz we r dwindling constantly into oblivion but for the bad publicity dat brings us 2 d limelite every now & again.

  2. femmie says:

    1st, Yar’Adua? A doom we’ve accepted for this tenure.

    2nd, Good/BadLuck watever his called, is just another co-doom permit my english plz, we hav been given..I can imagine d wife of Musa goin to rep musa @ world energy summit in vienna, as wat/in wat capacity, even if d president is not able to go, wat d VP doin or Minister for intn’l affair? perhaps I’m a computer scientist, I do not know anything abt politics…a VP claimed to be from N/Delta in 9ja wer tribal loyalty preceeds national character, sitted in NEC meetin where d President gav an order to raze down N/Delta wer he’s from…abeg dis is just crazy

    3rd, turai Yar’ adua- the opportunist 9ja pple wud neva forget…abeg keep enjoyin national treasure, its not ur fault but its by default…lol(but dis isn’t funny actually)

    4th, Dora…I have always desire to b a professor haven identified u as a mentor too, but I hav not lost any confidence in any of my mentors(Pat Utomi inclusive) but u Dora(u dey fall our hand big tyme)..Plz just go on a sabbatical leave or find assylum in Ghana or wherever & go & think!!! Dont insult our IQ again…madam rebrandin

    Reggie, I feel hot within & I feel we just need so many Gani Fawehinmi to drive sense into this fools head, I can’t us fighting the military wen they were in power even with arms and now keep quite in dis democratic dispensation, we must start shout even if we look like tauts now(pragmatic approach),

    I can’y say d internet is dat effective for this bcoz its most like dis fools don’t even read not to talk of browse/research…let get to d TV screens an d talk to into their head,,,Gani did this & he prevailed…Enough for now.

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